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With KIDS APP get your child a practical, educational and personal App that makes it fun to learn to recognize words and letters.
KIDS APP developed in collaboration with a child psychologist, nurseries and kindergartens to give children in kindergarten age optimal, precise and rapid language learning.
All letters, colors and symbols are recorded by Charlotte Ann.

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Easy user administration

You can create unlimited users in KIDS APP and every user can have their own Spelling words.

If you work in a kindergarten, you can let the kids take the iPad home (With their parents) and take pictures of things they like, and after that they have a personly profile with their own Spelling words.

Did i mention, you can create unlimited users.

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Unlimited Spelling words

There are many options for users in KIDS APP, but we made it easy to use and change.
You can create different Spelling words for each user.
Settings is protected against curious kids so they don´t, by mistake, delete games or users.

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Free or paid

KIDS APP comes in a full version and a limited version.

The limited version is free to use but it´s limited to 5 Spelling words and has already bvuild in user, you can not change.
Would you like to make your own Spelling words and more users need to pay 25 Danish kr. for the full version.

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